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Amira Daugherty

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Amira Daugherty (a.k.a. Amira and Amira Unplugged) knows what it means to stand out. As a Black Muslim woman living with single-sided deafness, her life has been filled with moments where she was made to feel like the “other”. At the age of four, she discovered a way to connect with those around her: singing. After giving an impromptu performance of the song “I Want a Mom” from the Rugrats Movie to her Pre-Kindergarten class, she realised music helps people feel a connection that is higher than the identities we live with, even if it is only for three or four minutes at a time. From that moment on, Amira has honed her craft with her father, who is also a singer/songwriter, by using her voice to sing songs of hope, inspiration, and triumph that help unite us on a human level. Furthermore, she ensures that she creates strong patterns and vibrations so that other hearing- impaired or deaf people can experience her songs. She strongly believes music should transcend culture, language, and ability.

Amira currently serves as the Co-Founder and Director of WE Collective, an organisation that strives to uplift the voices of people of colour as they build community with one another. She also serves as a board member of the Muslim Writers Collective of Atlanta, an organisation that encourages all creatives in Atlanta to find common ground through creativity. She was recently selected as a contestant on a popular television competition (name withheld until release) and will be the first hearing-impaired person to compete. She is currently using her platforms to share songs of hope with her followers during this time. No matter what role she is serving in, Amira always comes back to her musical roots, finding a way to uplift the spirits of those working to make life better for us all.

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