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Asil Attar

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Iraqi born with a mixed heritage, raised in England, Asil Attar is a dynamic, hands-on, transformational leader with an expertise in fashion and retail business strategy within global markets.
With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, she has led international companies in senior executive positions working within the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East.

Forbes ME has placed her as one of the top 100 most Influential Arab Women in 2018 and Top 200 most powerful Arab Women in 2014. For the past decade, Attar has held a number of firsts, placing her as the first female CEO for three of the Middle East’s leading groups, most recently as the CEO for Damas Jewellery, their first female CEO in over 100 years. 

Attar is an ambassador for women empowerment, inspiring women of all ages to reach their potential and achieve their goals. 

Follow her:

Instagram: @turbanthinker
Twitter: @turban_thinker
Facebook: Turban Thinker
LinkedIn: Turban Thinker
Website: Turban Thinker

Instagram: @asil_attar
LinkedIn: Asil Attar
Website: Asil Attar

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