Get Ready For The Summer Holidays: Bathing In Style

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We can’t wait for summer; the long days and summer heat are perfect for picnics, movie nights and… bathing! Summer is the perfect time to be in the water, yet we know the struggle as a Muslim to stay covered up, comfortable and remain stylish at the same time. Here’s our top tips for bathing in style this summer.


For those who specifically enjoy surfing, we have the perfect style for you. Two- piece surf swimsuits typically consist of a jumpsuit and head-cover, covering the whole body yet also remaining comfortable and breathable. Viktoria Surf by MUNAMER is an example of a fashionable swimsuit, with the block colour leggings complimenting the floral pattern of the top. The digital prints of the clothing are exclusive to the brand, having a colourful and exotic feel which are perfect for summer.

Viktoria Surf by MUNAMER


Three-piece swimsuits are an intersection between fashion and modesty, serving the purpose of covering yet also allowing you to express your individual style. MUNAMER has a range of burkinis which are in this style, with many different prints such as floral to find the perfect design which suits you. The top is layered, has long sleeves and a modest length, with the pants being ankle-length leggings. To finish the look is a turban which is comfortable and ensures you are covered top to toe! The swimsuit is comfortable, allowing you to have maximum movement, yet also effortless style.


If you are looking for a more modest fitting, a skirt style is perfect for bathing. It has a similar cut to a normal skirt and has the same loose style, appealing for any bathing areas which are non-segregated. The brand UNUSUAL90-76 has a long wallet black and white skirt, which is full length and loose cut. The full length sleeves and head covering also serve to cover skin and respect the modest Muslim’s wish to cover up. This style is perfect for the woman who wants to enjoy bathing, yet wants to remain modest and covered up whilst doing so.

Skirt by UNUSUAL90-76


Bodysuits are the perfect way to hide all skin, yet remain comfortable in what you are wearing. They are typically slim-fit, and suit the Muslim woman who prefers to keep her skin covered yet still have some shape to her clothes- perfect for bathing with female friends or family. A stylish example of the bodysuit is by UNUSUAL90-76, with their designs being modern and contemporary, such as their black bodysuit with the white bands. It also completely covers the hair, meaning there is no need for a hijab with the bodysuit.

Bodysuit by Unusual90-76

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