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Lina Khalifeh

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Lina Khalifeh is the Founder and owner of SheFighter. SheFighter is the First Self-Defense studio for women only started in Jordan and replicated in 6 countries globally. SheFighter is designed to empower women physically, mentally and emotionally through Self-Defense training.

The studio was founded in 2012 and has trained more than 18 thousand women and certified 550 Instructors worldwide.

Lina has many outstanding achievements. Some are as follows:
She has been recognised by President Barack Obama during his speech in 2015 at the white house.
Lina has been awarded the ESPN Humanitarian Award presented by UFC and ESPN in 2019.
Hillary Clinton had awarded-her the Economic Empowerment Award in 2018.
She spoke at the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos

Lina also published the book “SheFighter: From TroubleMaker to Global Change Maker”.
Lina is very passionate about her work and is working to spread SheFighter globally. Her mission is to certify 10 thousand instructors by 2030, so they can open 5000 Studios Globally. 

Checkout her website She Fighter and Lina Global
Follow her on Instagram @shefighter and @shefighterjordan

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