EventExtraordinary Muslims

Naimah Hassan

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Naimah is an award winning campaigner, disruptor, and policy shifter that works in international development, communications and Media for the past 14 years. She is an avid promoter of community-led initiatives, innovations, strategies, and education; seeks opportunities to tell authentic stories, learn and create win-win collective solutions making the impossible possible. 

She is driven by an endless curiosity and openness for cultures and for people telling their stories in their own words whilst uplifting positive Muslim narratives.


Her work at the Guardian won British Media Awards’ Editorial Campaign of the year in 2015, since then involved in producing award winning films such as Jaha’s Promise and A Girl From Mogadishu.
She also co-founded the Global Media Campaign (GMC) and Africa Women Rights Advocates (AWRA) both organisations principled on grassroots led movement, advocacy and empowerment.   

She is an international trainer and speaker on global stages including TED (2019). 

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