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Sameera Qureshi

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Over the last twelve years of her professional career, Sameera Qureshi, MS, RYT has worked closely with Muslim communities (and professionals who serve them), developing and facilitating programs and curricula in the field of sexual health education. Her career started in 2007, in Calgary, Canada, as a school-based Occupational Therapist. A few years into her work, she realised that the Islamic schools she worked with lacked education in a critical area: sexual health education. Sameera worked closely with the schools to develop and facilitate Islamic sexual health education curricula, a field of work she quickly became passionate about.

Sameera continued to work within Muslim communities in Calgary, and across Canada. In the summer of 2017, she joined a US non-profit (HEART) as the Director of Education, focusing her work on sexual health with Muslims in the DC area and communities and at conferences across the United States. In this role, she curated sexual health and violence prevention content for Muslim communities, implemented community-based programs, and conducted professional development training at colleges and institutions.

Sameera transitioned out of HEART in August 2020 and recently started Sexual Health for Muslims, to provide spiritually-grounded sexual health education for Muslims – from the comfort of their home (and hers!) – all through online platforms. She also offers professional development training and consultation for service providers/organisations who work with Muslim clients in the sexual and/or mental health field. Sameera is also a registered yoga teacher and regularly facilitates online classes, including trauma-informed yoga for Muslim women.

Follow her on Instagram: @sexualhealthformuslims

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