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Zahra Shikara

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Zahra Shikara is a hijabi martial artist and adventuress. She has a black belt in taekwondo and is certified in Yoga, Pilates and health coaching.  She loves to travel, read, write, and engage in deep thinking and intellectual sparring with like-minded people.

Currently writing her first book: ‘Memoirs of a Hijabi Ninja’, Zahra loves to read history, philosophy, anthropology and gender politics. 

She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, jumped from a cliff into a fast-moving river and gone white-water rafting, all while having a fear of heights and cold water! She’s worked in museums for the past 13 years in Qatar and is now an entrepreneur.

She recently developed a line of 100% organic skincare and hair-care products with healing properties. Zahra wishes to reach her full potential and inspire women to face their fears, delimit themselves and take leaps of faith into the unknown to reach new heights in personal achievement and self-growth.

She is active on instagram: @zahra.says and has a website.

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